1.  Organize all malls events during JADDAH GHEER festival at 2010 -2011
  2.  Organize and carry out MODHESH city festival at Dubai UAE for six years.
  3.  Exclusive organize for tourism organization in QATAR at 2013
  4.  Organize the opining of JAZAN winter festival for two years 2011-2012
  5.  Organize hail summer festival at 2012.
  6.  Organize the marine QATAR festival (ALKATARA) at 2011.
  7.  Organize mall of HAYAAT PLAZA festival at QATER for five years.
  8.  Organize ALMADINA ALMONAURAH festival at2011-2012.
  9.  Organize the must of Aramco festivals at Saudi Arabia for 2007 till now
  10.  Exclusive organize for ALZUHOR festival in YOUNBU from 2012 till now
  11. organize the open day festival for SAMEREF Company 2012.
  12. organize the gulf traffic week for three year for Aramco Company.
  13.  Exclusive organize for SUDAN international festival for Child Theater.
  14. produce and directed operate for hail summer festival 2011.
  15. produce and directed operate for NAJRAN summer festival 2011.
  16. produce and directed operate for king Abdul-Aziz university TAJ ALTAFAWOQ 2009
  17. shering in AMANH of Riyadh festival for 2009 to 2011.
  18. Organize the annual festival for ALJAZERAH news Chanel in Qatar at 2009 -2013
  19.  Organize JAZAN carnival festival from 2011 to 2013. 20- Organize PETRO RABIGH festival from 2009 till now.
  20.  Organize the sport day for royal commotion of YOUNBU 2013
  21.  Exclusive organize for opining malls at Saudi Arabia (red sea mall –gallery mall –andulos mall – aluthaem mall – le mall –in 2mall south mall – barco mall ).