• Our advance position between evens management companies, and our long time experience in events field qualifies us to supply what u need in your events from the planning of events till carry out the events.
  •  processing of lighting and sound systems. Complementing our journey in the field of events and festivals permanent and the need to processing the workplace with equipment of lighting and sound systems. EVENT PLUS has a create a department that specializes in equipment lighting systems, theaters and sound systems and imaging television and photography and production of advertising and services field production in the name of MEDIA PLUS and under the supervision of a group of technicians and directors to provide the highest quality professional levels where this section provides a complete equipment required for the manufacture of the best events of the lighting and sound, theaters, a giant led screens and other modern equipment and services at very competitive prices.

  • Organization of exhibitions and conferences EVENT PLUS has worked over the past years on the organization of the finest local and international exhibitions and conferences levels to provide well thought out plans in accordance with international standards adopted, based on that experience of its employees and team work professional has in addition to providing the best high-level technical solutions in the field of organization and management of exhibitions, conferences and the use of the latest technologies for the success of all the events to be organized. include EVENT PLUS services in the field of organizing exhibitions on the following: 1. Prepare and planning of exhibition space to his administration as the best 2. Provide all equipment and techniques that are commensurate with the type of exhibition. 3. Preparation of advertising and publicity campaigns to attract the public 4. design and manufacture the wings in innovative ways according to the needs of different customers


    The promotional campaigns

     several channels of communication to deliver promotional services:

    1) the management and marketing campaigns and automated.

    2) the registration and organization of the actors of the companies and institutions.

    3) marketing for business or for clients directly.

    4) the search for customers and the generation of investment opportunities.

    5) the setting of dates and scheduling of meetings.

    6) telephone questionnaires (questionnaires on the extent of customer satisfaction the staff performance).

    7) Sending short messages (SMS campaigns propaganda).

    8) received requests from clients and the seizure of products.

    9) telephone marketing and promotion of the various electronic channels

  • The production of documentary films marketing advertisements

    depends on the style of our work in the production of advertising films documentary on simultaneous curriculum with the desire of our customers to achieve media message that they wish to be achieved, so as to provide an initial vision of the faculty and providing full support in the post before, during and after the implementation of the article customer information, bearing in mind the completed fully and speed of implementation and high quality .And beside the long experience has always sought innovation and the existence of experts making information plan, institutions was a commitment we have to possess (EVENT Plus ) the latest technology in the field of the media from the television cameras of high quality units and create great design with state-of-the-art programs with distinctive natures in terms of design and performance and the recruitment of skilled technicians in the management of the electronic sites and the home pages of the Social Networking

  • The production and the direct  of theatrical shows–

    Event  plus over previous years direct  many of the substantive work of theatrical shows huge visual, submitted in the largest theater in the kingdom and the Middle East, depending on anything different team of professional and academic capable of creating the best deals and actors. Team Includes work on a group of academics in the areas of the output, the composition and montage voice distribution dance trainers expressions fashion designers production managers and other professional cadres

  • Design and manufacture of cartoon characters

    The Mascot BOX one of the sections event Plus . Mascot BOX designs and manufactures cartoon characters of all kinds (foam and rubber and fiber glass with high quality), where attracts within his staff of skilled designers and technicians in the industry and the formation of this type of charters  . our factory in Saudi Arabia is the first of its kind in the Middle East, and we have extensive relationships with friendly factories in Europe and Asia, where we have provided for the Middle East markets large numbers of models and cartoon characters, whether for use in space stations and technical programs or theatrical purposes or marketing and promotional purposes. Mascot and services offered to our customers that Box

    . 1.dolls and cartoon characters own products manufacturing companies

    .  2. designing and creating cartoon characters in a way to handle animation purposes of advertising and promotional

    .  3.sculptures and Marquette manufacturing of foam or fiber

    .  3.dolls  for advertising and fashion industry

    . children masquerade and carnival clothing industry 4.

     5. Toys stuffed with cotton or plastic industry

  • granting licenses of Cartoon characters

    Media content and cartoon characters licensing industry is witnessing unprecedented growth in the Middle East and racing of many companies to invest in them and turn them into brands and has event Plus signed a lot of strategic partnership agreements concerning the rights of sale and use of cartoon characters licenses and use them within the framework of a commercial licensed where they were provided with many producers of licenses for the use of these characters in different products such as clothing, toys, accessories .food, stationery and other

  • Advisory and promotional services

    event Plus provides all specialized consulting services in the field of work (exhibitions – Events – production, advertising, marketing) for all companies, institutions and individuals.

    This is because the developed companies and institutions not only just to sell or promote its cargo, but looks forward to the best relations with customers and meet their demands and suggestions and get closer to their tastes and their minds.

    This requires the existence of a questionnaire survey campaigns and ongoing and specialized consultancy services, we provide our customers with all commercial and social qualities