Mascot Makings


Design and manufacture of cartoon characters

The Mascot BOX one of the sections event Plus . Mascot BOX designs and manufactures cartoon characters of all kinds (foam and rubber and fiber glass with high quality), where attracts within his staff of skilled designers and technicians in the industry and the formation of this type of charters  . our factory in Saudi Arabia is the first of its kind in the Middle East, and we have extensive relationships with friendly factories in Europe and Asia, where we have provided for the Middle East markets large numbers of models and cartoon characters, whether for use in space stations and technical programs or theatrical purposes or marketing and promotional purposes. Mascot and services offered to our customers that Box

. 1.dolls and cartoon characters own products manufacturing companies

.  2. designing and creating cartoon characters in a way to handle animation purposes of advertising and promotional

.  3.sculptures and Marquette manufacturing of foam or fiber

.  3.dolls  for advertising and fashion industry

. children masquerade and carnival clothing industry 4.

5. Toys stuffed with cotton or plastic industry